As temperatures are cooling down for the next few months, whether you are looking for new flooring solutions or how best to maintain and get the most out of your laminate flooring during our mild Durban winters, we take a deeper look at how to keep your home warm and comfortable and prevent damage to your laminate flooring.

Although we are somewhat spoiled to not experience the cold as in other parts of the country and world, it is still important to maintain the same level of care to your home and floors throughout the cooler months.

Why is laminate flooring a good choice year round?


As a suitable option to be installed throughout your home and office space, laminate flooring tends to give a warmer feel underfoot and be a suitable overlay option when installing underfloor heating, keeping you warm all winter long.

Seasonal Allergies

As we transition into a new season, so comes with it the pollen, dust and allergens that leave us sneezing and stuffy. Laminate floorings have the added benefit of being a promising flooring option catering for allergy sufferers and maintaining hygiene, meaning that unlike traditional carpets in bedrooms, dust and inflaming particles are not embedded in the flooring.

Value for Money

Laminate flooring is an attractive and comfortable floor type year round, from it’s affordability and practicality, laminate flooring is designed so that the user can get the most out of it.


While we brace ourselves to keep warm and cosy, laminate flooring is an incredibly durable floor covering, withstanding our general temperature changes. It’s hard wearing and tough design can endure your winter boots and layers, with general cleaning to keep it in its best shape yet.


Does your home use heaters and/or a fireplace in winter? Our expert team will assess and recommend where and how your laminate should be installed to avoid any unnecessary and preventative warping and damage to your flooring.

Available in a variety of shades, textures and styles, laminate flooring is an excellent choice when renovating and redecorating your home. Find out more today – CONTACT US