So far, 2020 has seen a surge of the unpredictable, to quickly moving as many businesses as possible home and changing the current state of life as we know it. We have had to adapt to finding a functional new normal during abnormal times. With what seems like an undetermined way ahead, how can the type of flooring you choose in your home and work spaces save you time and worry in thinking about hygiene and sanitation?

While we may have previously predicted what design and future trends could have looked like, home and workspace design have taken a quick turn and different approach to preparing a present and future that not only looks good, but offers high functionality, sanitation and keeping your spaces as germ free as possible. We are taking a look at how luxury vinyl flooring offers sanitation while appealing to your aesthetic. 

What is vinyl flooring? 

To put it simply, luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) is heavy-duty, waterproof flooring that consists of layers of materials to offer you a hardwood look without the hefty price tag. Luxury vinyl flooring is suitable to not only look good but offer a seamless flooring solution throughout different environments in your space. 

Why choose luxury vinyl flooring?  

Quality and Durability

Being suitable for most, if not all environments, LVP is hard wearing and long lasting material to use in your home and workspaces. The seamless design offers an easy to clean surface with nowhere for bacteria to go, with a modern and polished finished to enhance your spaces.

Sanitation and Versatility 

In our current state of increased hygiene and sanitation, LVP has been used as kitchen splashbacks, in healthcare facilities, malls, as well as schools to offer an easier surface area to keep to the cleanest conditions and allowing higher foot traffic and the increased use of disinfectants and cleaning materials. 

Sustainable and Practical Materials

With recent years seeing a rise in environmentally friendly, cost effective and user-friendly materials, we are choosing options such as anti-microbial ceramic tiles and luxury vinyl flooring that are hard-wearing and durable for steaming, cleaning and sanitising areas.

At Home Work Space

As many companies look to make a work from home policy where possible for the foreseeable future, so arises the need for a designated work area in your home. This may mean sacrificing on space elsewhere to ensure that you have a practical working environment that can withstand traffic and damage from moving your chair.

With many more reasons as to how Luxury Vinyl Flooring can enhance and keep your spaces clean, our highly qualified team is available to give you more information. Contact us here and we will be in touch! Stay safe.