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As one of the most impressive floor coverings to have in your home and workspaces, laminate flooring is giving your indoor flooring a chic and durable edge. This affordable, easy to install flooring is suitable to any aesthetic and widely available at a fraction of the costs of traditional wooden counterparts. We’re giving you even more reasons to choose laminate flooring in Umhlanga.

Are you looking for a practical floor covering?


This is the flooring for you. Made to ensure high traffic and messy spills, laminate flooring is the ideal flooring for your family and made to be easy to clean and stay in its best condition possible. Laminate flooring is offering the simplicity, efficiency and aesthetic it has to offer when choosing a floor covering.

Laminate flooring is suitable to any space


Boasting an extensive range of styles and finishes, choosing a laminate floor style can speak to any design and aesthetic that you are looking for. From calm, cool interiors to an urban chic setting, laminate flooring is appealing across many styles.

Laminate flooring is great value for money


You’re getting extremely high quality on a budget. Historically, laminate flooring is considerably more cost effective versus more traditional wooden counterparts. This is a very impressive when factoring in long-term maintenance, purpose and the high quality finish of laminate flooring in Umhlanga. 

Installation is fairly fuss free


The easy interlocking system of laminate flooring can easily and neatly be installed. Did you know that you can install laminate flooring over many previous flooring types? Often with very little hassle with the lack of  removing old tiles or creating a dusty environment, your space can be transformed in a matter of hours.

Laminate flooring is cosy and comfortable


Not only in how it looks, laminate flooring gives you a warm feel while reducing walking noise and supporting any allergy sufferers by not collecting dust and dander.


With many more reasons to choose laminate flooring in Umhlanga, we here at LD Floors offer impeccable service and expertise on floor refurbishments, repairs and maintenance. With over 60 years of flooring knowledge, our customer friendly team is dedicated to finding the perfect flooring for your home. Find out more today –

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