Have you heard of an HTC Superfloor and how it can work for you? We take a look at the art and skill of concrete grinding and polishing to enhance and make your flooring a hard wearing and suitable solution for your home and business.

What is a HTC Superfloor?

Take your concrete to the next level with concrete grinding and polishing. An HTC Superfloor is a thorough and complete flooring solution that makes your concrete floor a visual masterpiece with all of the benefits of strong and durable traditional concrete flooring. HTC Superflooring uses machines and diamond tools to grind and polish your pre-existing or newly laid concrete floors to remove surface paste and uncover the stronger concrete usually hidden below. The multi-step process leaves the end result of a much sturdier, durable and polished aesthetic.

Concrete Grinding

The process of concrete grinding is to get to the layers of concrete beneath the surface. Grinding is used to access these layers and remove previously used materials, reduce imperfections and level uneven flooring. By using powerful grinding equipment and years of experience, concrete grinding leaves you with a smooth and usable surface. Restore old and damaged surfaces and upscale them to use long-term ahead.

Concrete Polishing 

Polishing concrete is a pocket and environmentally friendly flooring finish that can be achieved after grinding the surface of your concrete flooring. The long lasting look and feel is determined by the colour and quality of the aggregate used, the cement mix colouring, grinding quality and depth. Different polished sheens can also be achieved depending on your preference for it. Polished concrete is a look that has made its way into factories, store fronts and many modern day homes.

How the Lister Decor HTC Superfloor can work for you

We have made it our business to offer you professional and high quality floor finishings to be used for years to come. Suitable for almost any environment, the HTC Superfloor is durable, even and easy to clean and maintain flooring option. Our knowledgeable team can assist you with your flooring in airports, industrial warehouses, factories, public buildings, schools, shops and showrooms and high end architecture.

Are you looking for a sleek, resistant flooring solution that  is not only attractive, but comparably cost effective to other flooring options available? Mess free, slip resistant and highest rated to fire safety, our accomplished and expert team is here to assist with refurbishing, installing and repairing laminate flooring since 1960. Contact us today for more information.