While many of us have patiently waited for lockdown to ease up, now is the perfect time to get your home ready for guests and prepped for entertaining. Whether you are looking at upcycling what you already have, redoing your floors entirely or finishing off a renovation, our expert team has options and advice for getting your project started and finished while maintaining exceptional quality.

Our highly trained staff pride themselves on their extensive flooring knowledge and provide valuable information on hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl flooring, sanding and repairs. We want to help in making your home a talking point and getting your guests coming over again and again.

Choosing your flooring and finishing:

  • Hardwood flooring is considered an exceptionally durable floor covering created from wood that is harvested from slower growing trees and often requires less maintenance with an age old, timeless feel.
  • Laminate flooring offers a great range of styles, colours and quality to your floors. Using only the highest quality and grading of laminate floors, our team can show you great examples of how this flooring would work in your entertainment space and throughout your home and workspaces.
  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring offers you the beautiful finished look of hardwood floor coverings, with simplicity, ease and style. Suitable for homes and office spaces, Luxury Vinyl Flooring is waterproof, comfortable and cost-effective. Boasting many pro’s, this is a great all-round flooring solution to look into.
  • Revive and restore your floor with sanding and finishing. Sanding your floors to the perfect base can mean you can alter the finish and colour of your current flooring. Are they looking a little worse for wear and dated? Maybe you would like to finish them off in a new style? Floor sanding removes the top layers and sealants on your wooden or parquet flooring, leaving you with a smooth and prepped finish to get your floors the gloss, matte or suede finish that you are looking for. Using a dust free sander conveniently ensures that the rest of your home doesn’t take on the additional mess too.
  • Repairing your floors can make them feel brand new again. From squeaking to lifting, getting the professionals in can revive your floors to their original state. Can you notice damage and tilting? Our team can assess the extent of damage and whether you should indeed repair or replace your floors and fit them to your aesthetic.

Your flooring can assist and aid your health, warmth, style and practicality at the right cost, contact our Lister Décor Flooring team for the highest quality standard in your home and get ready to invite your family and friends over to celebrate the end of lockdown! Contact us today.