Keep your laminate flooring in their new-like and pristine condition with the correct ways to clean and maintain your flooring investment. Boasting a long-list of positive features, when researching your laminate flooring, it is important to find out the best ways to keep your flooring scuff and scratch free. We take a look at the do’s and don’t of treating laminate floors.


  • Ask your professional installer for their recommended ways and cleaning instructions best suited to your chosen type of laminate flooring. 
  • Choose the right cleaning products. With the uptake in laminate flooring in homes and workspaces, so too has the cleaning product range increased to be suitable for this convenient flooring solution. Choose items that are intended for laminate flooring and offer safe protection from damage and stains. 
  • Protect your floors. We recommend adding felt, cork or silicone stick on furniture pads to your furniture. Available from most of your local grocery and hardware stores, these handy stickers are effective when applied to frequently used furniture such as dining room chair legs to avoid deep scratches and general wear and tear to a high traffic area. 
  • Set some rules. From long pet nails to high heels, they have the ability to tarnish and scratch your floors. Whether it means more frequent trips to the groomer or leaving potentially harmful shoes at the welcome mat, your floors will thank you in the long-run. 
  • Call in the professionals at any sign of damage. With industry experience and laminate floor knowledge, their advice and expertise is valuable to your floors.


  • Don’t leave stains. Remember the saying that prevention is better than the cure? Stains have the ability to warp and stain your flooring, leaving you with a much bigger mess than the spill. We recommend wiping stains as soon as you spot them. 
  • Don’t use harsh scrubbing and tools. Steel wool, scourers and hard brushes can cause more visible scratches and marks that are harder to treat and remove. 
  • Don’t soak your floors. Too much water has the ability to cause swelling, stains and bubbling of your beautiful floors.

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