Spending this much time at home during lockdown has led to some decision making on the home front, making many of us consider whether we need to upsize to include a home office, downscale or to get a higher rental from potential tenants. 2020 has been an unprecedented year, one where we never expected to find ourselves inside, making copious amounts of banana bread, taking midday lunch break naps and trying our hand at DIY. 

While we have seen a steady decline in property prices during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have looked at ways to maintain your homes value through flooring. It has made us look more closely at our surroundings and plan for our future surroundings, ensuring our homes are hygienic and stylish, at the right price point and keeping the occupants safe.

Hardwood Flooring – to no surprise, hardwood flooring has always been an attraction and high value selling point in real estate sales. While not every room in the house needs to have a hardwood finish, buyers like to see this type of flooring in the main living areas such as the lounge and passageways. Maintained hardwood flooring is an attractive draw to potential buyers and rental prices.

Laminate Vinyl Flooring – this type of flooring has been a major draw card for homeowners. The beautiful finishes and versatility of Laminate Vinyl Flooring make this a popular and affordable option to keep your floors stylish and during this pandemic especially, add an extra layer of easy to clean and hygiene.

Floor sanding and Repairs – do you have flooring that needs a bit of TLC? Have you considered sanding and repairs as an option to maintain the great flooring or give it a new look? Why not go from gloss to matte or vice versa? 

When picking your flooring and best resale value, keep in mind that buyers are also looking for consistency. Incorporating multiple flooring styles into one home very often has the opposite appeal to the buyer. Are you looking for more advice and ways to maintain and stabilise your properties value with flooring? Contact us today and our expert team will get back to you within 24 hours.