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Flooring is a focal characteristic that homeowners and tenants are looking for when scouting for a new space to live in. Giving comfort, an attractive finish and practicality to your space, laminate flooring in Durban is becoming an increasingly popular and sought after flooring option. With so many positive benefits to choosing this type of flooring, it is easy to see why laminate flooring in Berea is an appealing option. Here are 5 reasons to choose laminate flooring for your home and office spaces:

One – Allergy Friendly & Ease Of Use

A great benefit to allergy sufferers and ensuring your home is clean and sanitary, is the ease of which to clean the non-porous surface that creates a barrier against absorbing dirt, dander and moisture. Ideal for pet owners, busy and quiet households alike.

Three – Value For Money

Boasting so many benefits, an important one to factor in is the extreme value for your money. Laminate flooring in Berea does not require any specific or specialised cleaning solutions and is a more affordable alternative to hardwood flooring and long-term maintenance.

Two – Comfort

the warm and pleasant laminate flooring underfoot flooring is giving you all of the style, value and look, without compromising on how it feels in your home and spaces for you and your family to enjoy.


Four – Style

Laminate flooring offers a wide range of colours and textures that are appealing to your aesthetic and pocket. Replicating hardwood looks to more rustic aesthetics, it is easy to see why laminate flooring is an attractive flooring option.

Five – Durability

Installing new flooring also brings about the question of how long will this type of flooring last in high traffic areas and for you to get the most bang for your buck. Starting with ease of installation, once in place, the high density fibre boards will give you years of use, while still maintaining their appearance. Boasting the fact that the boards do not expand and contract like their more traditional wooden counterparts and are easy to repair in sections if need be versus the entire floor.

With more reasons to choose laminate flooring, the quick to clean and comfortable to use flooring is a top suggestion for your home and workspace. Are you looking for more reasons to choose laminate flooring in Berea? Our professional and friendly team is committed to assisting you from start to finish when choosing flooring. Contact us today to find out more.

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